Our concept design for Bubble Pop Electric consists of three main components:

Music Bubbles:

Musical Bubbles are used as tokens associated with certain sound clips.   Each bubble contains an LED, a resistor, and a magnet.  These bubbles are initially stored in a headpiece, where they remain inactive.  The user may then grab a bubble from her headpiece and place it on her bodysuit.  As soon as the user places the bubble on her suit, the bubble illuminates, and a magnetic sensor (or potentially an RFID tag reader) detects the bubble’s presence.  Using Bluetooth, the control computer receives notification that a bubble has been attached and in response plays a randomly selected music clip.  As soon as the bubble is detached, the computer reassigns the bubble to a different music clip.  These bubbles are organized by size and color, size relating to the type of sound clip (main, sample, or beat), color distinguishing which song the clip is from.

Conductive velcro, attached to the circuit on the bodysuit, powers and detects the presence of the music bubbles.

Shows one design with conductive velcro

Shows one design with a magnetic sensor.

Elastic Suit:

The elastic bodysuit serves three functional purposes.  It serves as a holder and power source for the music bubbles, it allows the music clips associated with the bubbles to be played through speakers (Bluetooth speakers embedded in the shoulder pads of the suit), and it functions as a variable resistor that can manipulate music as the user dances to the beat.   When sound clip information is relayed to the control computer, the computer will play the selected sound clips via the Bluetooth speakers.

Our elastic bodysuit is also equipped with conductive material.  As the user moves her body and stretches the elastic, the resistance value of the material changes.  We then use this dynamic value to control some aspects of the musical playback.

Drum Shoes:

The drum shoes contain a vibration sensor that detects when the user is walking on the runway or dancing.  As the user walks and moves to the beat, the drum shoes emphasize their movement with percussion.

Storyboard and Use Scenario:

To demonstrate the functionality of our conceptual design, we created the following storyboard and use scenario to illustrate the suit’s capabilities.

User Scenario Storyboard

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Stefani is a young DJ. In one of her parties, she wears Bubble Pop Electric to present some of her music selections. She appears onstage from darkness. She turns on and adjusts the volume of the LED suit and beat shoes with the sliders attached to the belt. She selects one of the “main-music” bubbles attached on her right shoulder and twists it to turn it on. The music plays through the main computer and the LED panel on her suit displays animation according to the music. She then selects one of the beat bubbles attached to her left hip and twists it to turn it on. She turns the bubble all the way to the left to increase the volume to its maximum. The crowd is very excited about her music mash. And as she begins dancing to the music, the stretch sensors on the suit read the degree of tension on her body and create a whammy bar effect to the music.  As she jumps around, the vibration sensors on her shoes read her steps and amplifies the bass with timed increase. The LED lights on her shoes flashes everytime she stomps. Stefani now selects the sample bubble located right next to currently playing main music bubble and turns it on to add to the mash. She rotates tapping the two sample bubbles and continues to improvise music. The audience begins to cheer, and through Bubble Pop Electric, Stefani successfully presents her music   an interactive performance.